Come home to the Square

The Square is the unique social, retail and leisure hub of The Neighbourhood. Not only does it provide convenient shopping amenities, but it also offers quaint restaurants, buzzing coffee shops and boutique stores. It is sensitively set amongst existing trees and buffered by a soft landscape to provide a special ambience, setting it apart from other developments. It is intended as a place to meet with friends and family, to enjoy a relaxing meal in a unique setting, and to make special memories.

The Square Shopping Centre.
Perspective view panorama.

Entertainment & shopping

Unique environment

Come home to lifestyle

The Square rests peacefully under elegant canopies and its rustic facades are designed around established, sapient trees. The centre is designed to provide a unique experience that goes beyond shopping. The buildings blend in sensitively with the landscape, creating a tranquil shopping environment, complimented by soft landscaping and rest areas.

Convenient shopping

Come home to convenience

All residents’ shopping needs are carefully considered and incorporated into the centre. A Checkers Fresh-Express flagship store offers an attractive and well-stocked supermarket anchor to cater to any grocery needs. Dis-Chem caters to a large range of health and beauty requirements. Additional stores offer services such as copying & printing, hairdressing and other convenient shopping.

Specialised dining

Come home to leisure

Coffee shops provide an ideal spot to catch up with friends over a cuppa, or a friendly retreat to relax in, as shoppers amble by. Situated at the centre of the Square, a variety of restaurants invite residents to dine at their leisure. This perfectly placed piazza offers shaded courtyard seating, where meals can be enjoyed under shady canopies and starry skies.

Store directory


Name Shop No. Contact No.
Absolute Pets S8A 011 485 0668 view
Caves Toys and Hobbies S3 010 447 1556 view
Checkers S1 011 640 9620 view
Checkers Liquor S1A 011 640 9620 view
Dis-Chem S28 010 541 1334 view
Execuspecs S8B 010 141 5654 view
FIX 8 S5 071 218 0235 view
Frozen For You S4 010 534 7120 view
George’s Grillhouse S12 087 138 4615 view
Juanpablo S24 064 819 0656 view
Kauai S23 087 106 0135 view
Kitsch & Kool S7 087 057 5791 view
Kryolan S20 071 392 6891 view
Lattelicious S11 010 141 5646 view
Miladys S21A ‎087 049 2109 view
Motherland Coffee S17 0109004524 view
Nandos S22 010 541 0739 view
Ocean Basket S15 087 138 4610 view
Paul S15a 087 351 6097 view
Paul’s Homemade Ice-Cream S25 067 984 9449 view
Pick n Pay Clothing S19 010 065 0649 view
Polpetta S14 082 686 1719 view
PostNet S21B 011 882 0073 view
Rain Natural Skincare S10 028 514 2926 view
Ribs and Burgers S13 010 100 3027 view
Sneaker Shack S2 [email protected] view
Sorbet S6 011 453 1878 view
The Cleaning Brothers S9 011 485 9287 view
The Corsetiere S27A 011 264 0174 view
The IV Bar S26 079 138 7846 view
The Laser Beautique S18 087 809 3969 view
Tuscani Hair S16 011 452 2604 view
Tuscani Man S2A 011 452 2604 view
Westpack S27B 010 055 0413 view

Store Availability

500 – 1000m2

fully let

250 – 500m2

fully let

20 – 250m2

fully let


Centre Manager

Nikki Savides Kruger

010 141 5647

[email protected]