The Neighbourhood Estate - Welcome Home to Recreation cover image.

Development Update – The Neighbourhood Streets

Tree-lined streets fall under strict speed regulations, ensuring a serene drive home. Streets are designed not just for vehicles, but for pedestrians too. Winding between trees, and incorporating sensitive lighting at night, the streets are intended to create a secure environment where children have the freedom to ride their bikes with friends.

The construction of roads and infrastructure is advancing well at The Neighbourhood. The new public road- Huddle Crescent- which connects the Neighbourhood Development to Club Street North and South is nearing completion. This road will be open to the public in 2019, offering easy access to the Southern Gatehouse for The Neighbourhood Estate which is currently under construction. The Estate perimeter wall is also busy being constructed and will soon offer residents added peace of mind.

The Estate will be supported by a multi-component security structure and on-site patrolling further reinforces the security strategy. Safe, tranquil streets and a well-secured neighbourhood will soon be what you come home to every day.